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Servicing your engine fluids is fundamental to your vehicle's routine maintenance; thus, this post by Synthetic Motorsports in Perry will guide you through the top fluids you should check.

Primary Fluids to Check During Your Car's Routine Maintenance

Synthetic Oil

There's a lot to say about how synthetic oil contributes to keeping your vehicle performing as expected. First, it's crucial to recognize all the motion taking place under your car's hood. The engine's pistons, bearings, and several other metal pieces move fast to transform heat into mechanical energy each time you start your vehicle. Having a bunch of metal pieces sliding against each other can produce lots of friction and heat; two factors can overheat and destroy your car pretty quickly. Hence the need for synthetic oil to provide lubrication as a preventive method to reduce the heat and friction produced by the engine. On top of serving as a lubricant, synthetic oil is well-known for its cooling properties. While it circulates, oil's heat-absorbing additives contribute to the cooling system by picking and carrying away excess heat, thus keeping the engine in an operating temperature range, which helps prevent your vehicle from overheating. Plus, it's important to point out synthetic oil detergent action. To better understand this, think about all the damaging particles that slowly gather inside your engine; whether it is sludge, varnish, soot, or carbon deposits, they can turn into a major issue once they agglomerate. So, synthetic oil is formulated with detergent additives that prevent contaminants from building up, therefore keeping your engine cleaner to perform. Synthetic oil has critical attributes and properties; still, its formula breaks down after months of withstanding friction, heat, and contamination, hence the importance of changing your oil once every year or by the intervals recommended in your owner's manual.

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As you might know, your engine produces a lot of heat when burning fuel. While a third part of the combustion-generated heat is transformed into mechanical energy to move the vehicle, plenty of remaining heat is absorbed and retained by the metals inside the engine, maximizing the chances of overheating. Needless to say, your engine needs to get rid of the excess heat to operate as expected; that's when coolant comes into play. The coolant absorbs heat from the engine block, cylinder head, and combustion chamber as it flows through your machine. Once the coolant's temperature is raised above the engine operating temperature, it flows towards the radiator to cool down and get back to its cycle again. Coolant is essential for keeping your engine within an optimal temperature range; however, like any other fluid, it breaks down over time, so staying on top of its routine maintenance schedule is necessary. Hence, make sure to follow the coolant servicing intervals described in your owner's manual to prevent your vehicle from overheating.

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Transmission Fluid

Do you know how important the transmission fluid is for the operation of your vehicle? Simply put, this fluid's primary function is to lubricate all the fast-moving gears within the transmission system, which, as its name suggests, transfers energy from the engine to the wheels. Transmission fluid is very similar to engine oil mainly because both provide lubrication; however, they are formulated to work under different conditions. To better understand this, it's worth pointing out that, whereas synthetic oil flows through systems exposed to contamination such as the bearings, pistons, and valvetrain, transmission fluid circulates inside a hot, closed system; hence, each fluid is formulated to withstand the conditions under which they perform. Given that the transmission system is closed, this fluid is not subjected to external contamination; hence, it lasts longer than most fluids. Still, after withstanding heat for about 60,000 miles, transmission fluid's formula breaks down, hence the need to give it a change when due; to that end, be sure to check the maintenance intervals described in your owner's manual.

Brake Fluid

Finally, let's go over the properties of brake fluid, one of the most important fluids for your car. When you step on your brake pedal, the brake fluid gets instantly pressurized to flow to each wheel's caliper, where it applies its pressure towards the calipers' brake pads, forcing these to move inwards and squeeze against each wheel's revolving rotor. This squeezing force produces friction and reduces the wheels' speed to a full, safe stop. Interestingly enough, water is brake fluid's Achilles heel. When the brake fluid is in optimal conditions, it can withstand high temperatures because its boiling point is super high; however, once it absorbs moisture, its response to heat changes, generating bubbles and water vapor when the temperature rises. Under these conditions, brake fluid can't operate effectively and needs to be replaced. To keep your brake fluid in optimal conditions, be sure to have it checked and serviced as described in your owner's manual.

Stay safe on the road by following your vehicle's routine maintenance. If you need a synthetic oil change in Perry, reach out to the oil pros at Synthetic Motorsports by calling them at (888) 563-5143. Click here to place an order on the top-performing lubricants for your vehicle.


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