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Donning proper motorcycle safety gear plays a crucial role in minimizing the risks of riding. To learn more, look into the protective items listed in this post by Synthetic Motorsports in Perry.

When you hop your motorcycle to hit the road, you are exposed enough to feel the fresh wind on your face, the sensation of acceleration, the speed, and the overall riding pleasure. No other road user can grasp the sense of freedom and enjoyment that comes along with riding a two-wheeler; however, a motorbike has no seatbelts, airbags, or metal cages shielding your body. Therefore, motorcycle safety relies on wearing protective gear and learning how several items play a crucial role in reducing the risks you might encounter on the road. Hence, if you are interested in this topic, read this post by Synthetic Motorsports and learn about the main protective items you need for a safe ride.

Find Out the Motorcycle Safety Equipment You Need to Ride Safely


When it comes to preventing fatal injuries, wearing a helmet is key. Its use not only makes riding much safer but also more comfortable. As mentioned above, your body is completely exposed in motorcycle rides; of course, that includes your head, ears, and neck. So, if you were to fall or crash while riding, your head would be at risk of severe and even fatal injuries. However, a motorcycle helmet typically includes an impact-absorbing foam that softens the force to your head, reducing the risk of a contusion or other kind of injury. Furthermore, it's worth mentioning that, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, wearing a helmet reduces the risk of motorcycle-related fatal injuries by 37 percent; considering that, you can be sure wearing a helmet is a decision that could potentially save your life.

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Motorcycle Eyewear

Riding your motorcycle at 70 miles per hour might be thrilling; however, it can be challenging for your eyes. For example, let's say you are riding fast through the highway, and an insect hits your bare eyes out of nowhere. After considering that scenario, keep in mind any road has airborne debris that could cause your eyes to get teary or irritated while riding; needless to say, having poor visibility while riding a motorcycle can be dangerous. Thankfully, you can turn to motorcyclist eyewear to keep your eyes protected from light sensitivity, dust, flying bugs, and any other potential road vision hurdle. To that end, make sure to get a pair of resistant motorcycle lenses; in other words, don't turn to your daily sunglasses to ride; instead, look out for riding goggles, helmet visors, or any other type of protective riding glasses.

Riding Gloves

Having a comfortable and practical pair of riding gloves can make such a difference when riding. For starters, gloves allow you to keep your hands warm while riding in low temperatures. Furthermore, if you were to fall from your motorcycle, chances are you will land on your hands, so having them bare can be dangerous and lead to scrapes, cuts, blisters, or even wrist injuries. All in all, wearing riding gloves improves not only protection and comfort but also performance. Feeling your motorcycle's throttle, clutch, and front brake is so smooth when having riding gloves on; hence, this gear is vital to ensure a safe and comfortable ride.

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Motorcycle Boots

Wearing the proper footwear comes in real handy when it comes to keeping your feet safe while riding. Keep in mind your ankles, shins, and calves can be particularly vulnerable upon impact; therefore, protecting them with the proper footgear is vital. To that end, you can get motorcycle riding shoes or boots; however, wearing sturdy and over the ankle boots is safer because they provide more support.

Riding Jacket, Shirt, and Pants

Wearing proper gear to ride your motorcycle is not just a matter of style but also for comfort and protection. For starters, you can choose to wear a protective breathable shirt built to ride during summer or a riding jacket intended to stay warm during winter. Regardless, motorcycle gear with padding for the elbows, back, and shoulders reduces the risk of having your skin scrapped or even a significant injury to your body upon a motorcycle-related impact. Regarding your legs, you can look for riding pants with abrasion-resistant fabric to keep your skin safe from injuries if you were to tumble during riding.

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