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Sleepiness on the wheel can endanger your safety on the road; thus, this post from Synthetic Motorsports in Perry will walk you through drowsy driving causes, symptoms, as well as ways to avoid it.

Have you ever caught yourself yawning and rubbing your eyes at the wheel? Like most drivers, you might have, as many circumstances can trigger drowsy driving; for example, driving through a monotonous stretch of the road, having a job that involves driving for long hours a day, or driving at night. Although most drivers have experienced fatigue or drowsiness at the wheel, it's important to clarify that drowsy driving can be as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol; for that reason, it's essential to address this issue. To have a deeper understanding of the dangers of drowsy driving, it's worth mentioning that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated that during 2019, 697 fatalities were listed in drowsy driving-related crashes. Although drowsy driving is hazardous, it's a topic that is not talked about enough; therefore, this post will share with you information about it: the most common causes of drowsiness, the symptoms you should recognize, and of course, the main measures to avoid feeling sleepy or tired while driving. If you are interested in this topic, read on.

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What Causes Drowsy Driving?

Here are a few causes and triggers most commonly associated with drowsy driving:
  • Not getting enough sleep: Sleeping poorly or only for a few hours is the leading cause of drowsy driving. Despite the importance of sleep, many people are involved in circumstances that prevent them from getting enough time to rest; for example, having a baby that wakes up several times a night, working and studying simultaneously, or having a sleep disorder.
  • Alcohol: Operating a vehicle after drinking alcohol is one of the most dangerous things anyone can do. In this regard, it is worth noting that the side effects of alcohol are very similar to those of drowsiness, which means driving under the influence impairs your reasoning, coordination, alertness, reaction time, and visibility.
  • Medication: Some prescription and over-the-counter drugs contain sedatives that cause lethargy, dizziness, confusion, and even impaired attention and judgment; therefore, taking certain medications can contribute to drowsy and dangerous driving.
  • Driving during your peak sleep periods: The chances of experiencing drowsiness at the wheel are greater when driving during your regular sleep hours; that is, between midnight and 6 a.m.; after all, it is during the night that your body is used to spurring melatonin, the hormone that makes you sleepy.

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Warning Signs of Drowsy Driving

Driving in a sleepy state can put you and the people around you at risk; for that reason, it's essential to be aware of the warning signs of drowsiness by taking note of the following symptoms:
  • Repeated yawning.
  • Heavy feeling in the eyelids.
  • Difficulty concentrating.
  • Struggle to hold head upright.
  • Wandering thoughts (daydreaming).
  • Missing exits or traffic signs.
Some symptoms of drowsiness (yawning, heaviness in the eyes, difficulty concentrating) may appear insidiously and subtly; therefore, they can be easily overlooked. Still, it's essential to take them seriously once they become noticeable so that drowsiness can be managed accordingly to avoid falling asleep at the wheel.

Main Ways to Avoid Drowsy Driving

Which preventive measures would you take to avoid drowsy driving? Fortunately, there are many things you can do to avoid feeling sleepy on the road; hence, consider the following tips to ensure your safety behind the wheel:
  • Prioritize to keep healthy sleep habits to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night.
  • On long road trips, always bring someone as a travel companion to help you drive when you get tired.
  • If you take any prescription or over-the-counter medications, check their side effects to determine whether they cause drowsiness or not.
  • When driving long hours, be sure to stop every two hours to hydrate, stretch your legs and get some rest.
  • If possible, avoid driving at night.
  • Don't drink and drive.

How to Overcome Drowsiness at the Wheel

If you experience symptoms of drowsiness while driving, make sure to pull over at the first safe area you can find. If you have coffee or caffeinated beverages with you, drink at least 200 milligrams and lie down to sleep for at least 20 minutes. When you wake up, you'll most likely feel more alert to carry on your driving.

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